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Advertisement for Bids - Mowing Services

Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water System (LPRW) is seeking cost proposals (bids) for Mowing Services for FY2024-2025 for all site properties owned and operated throughout its system.  Bids should be submitted with costs (including taxes) associated per site location, along with a total for all sites in a single pass through.

Bid proposals must be mailed to the General Manager (LPRW, 415 East Benton St., PO Box 188, Lake Benton, MN 56149) or otherwise deposited at LPRW’s main office and shall be sealed and endorsed “Mowing Services Bid”.  

Bids will be accepted in the office of the General Manager until two (2:00) o’clock p.m., Thursday, February 22, 2024.  Bids will be publicly opened, reviewed and taken under advisement until presented at the next Regular Meeting of the LPRW Board of Commissioners at ten (10:00) o’clock a.m., on Monday, February 26, 2024.

Prior to award, the successful bidder shall provide Proof of Insurance (minimum of $250,000 per individual; $500,000 per aggregate occurrence).

Interested parties may contact the main office for a complete bid package, including a site location map.

Within the limitations of the state law, the Owner has the right to hold all bids for a period of thirty (30) days, to reject any and all bids, to waive technicalities or to accept such as may be determined to be for the best interest of the LPRW system.  No bid shall be withdrawn after the scheduled date and time of the opening without written consent of LPRW.

Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water System.  Jason Overby, General Manager